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SHAMS Approved Auditors

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    SHAMS Approved Auditors

    SHAMS Approved Auditors in Dubai, UAE

    Sharjah is the third largest Emirate in the UAE and there has been a rise in the number of businessmen and entrepreneurs who are relocating to the UAE to start companies. Due to the growing demands for media-related businesses, there have been changes in the form of a few free areas geared towards creativity-driven businesses. In the wake of the growth of media-related companies, Sharjah Media City (or SHAMS) is the latest expansion of the zones completely free of UAE which place a greater concentration on media-related companies and other related businesses.

    Sharjah Media City (SHAMS) is an ambitious media city project. Established at the beginning of January 2017 in Sharjah, its primary objective is to provide entrepreneurs with a supportive space where they can invest and expand their businesses.

    The goal of this free zone is to be an internationally recognized center for media and creativity within the Middle East. The goal of this free zone is to encourage businesses to grow and inspire innovation to live, learn and collaborate. SHAMS has proven itself to be a rapidly growing free zone that has tremendous potential to grow and integrate additional services.

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    SHAMS Approved Auditors

    Types of Licenses Offered in Sharjah Media City Free Zone.

    There are three types of licenses for companies operating in Sharjah Media City Free Zone. They are:

    Service License

    This license allows reproduction, transformation, production distribution and additional related services. The service license allows companies to use the products to their maximum potential.

    Trading License

    Importing or exporting products or selling a particular item inside the SHAMS Free Zone requires this license. This license also covers any movement of goods or sales of products, whether in retail, wholesale.

    Industrial License

    This license permits the transformation or production, re-production or manufacturing of a product.

    SHAMS Approved Auditors

    Types of Businesses Available

    There are two kinds of business structures for purchase in Sharjah Media City. They are:

    1. Sharjah Media City (SHAMS) – LLC
    2. SHAMS Branch

    SHAMS Approved Auditors

    Procedure For SHAMS Company Formation

    1. Business Activity Selection and Name Approval

    Determine the tasks your company will be involved in, and then choose the name of your business. Then, submit these to be approved.

    2. Application Submission

    Complete the application form and send it with all required documents, like passport copies, business plans and CV (if required).

    3. Payment

    Once you've received your initial approval, you'll be required to pay the required charges to have your license to trade issued.

    4. License Issuance

    After the transaction is completed the company's license is issued. You can now operate under your brand-new name.

    5. Establishment Card and Visa Processing

    After your license has been issued the following step involves obtaining an establishment permit, which allows the processing of visas.

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    SHAMS Approved Auditors

    Benefits of SHAMS Company Formation

    In order to undergo an audit within DWC companies must provide the following documents to authorized auditors:


    Ease of Set-up

    The procedure of establishing an enterprise in SHAMS is easy and a good investment.



    In comparison with other zones that are free in the world, the cost of creating a business in SHAMS is very reasonable, making it an ideal choice for small and start-up businesses.


    No Physical Office Requirement

    There is no requirement for a physical office in order to start a business in SHAMS.


    Variety of Business Activities

    SHAMS can be used for a broad variety of business opportunities that makes it a flexible option for a variety of companies.


    No Currency Restrictions

    There aren’t any restrictions on the movement of currencies, which allows the convenience of international business transactions.


    Residence Visa

    It gives the business owner as well as their employees the chance to obtain a UAE resident visa.


    Strategic Location

    SHAMS is easily accessible and offers businesses access to western and eastern markets.

    SHAMS Approved Auditors

    Role of Approved Auditor in UAE

    SHAMS Approved Auditors UAE play an important role in the functioning of the Shams Free Zone. Its main responsibilities include ensuring that businesses operating in the free zone follow regulatory procedures and maintain financial transparency. Through proper analysis, certified auditors can help businesses identify areas for improvement, reduce risks and build trust among stakeholders, thereby helping the full and sustainable development of the Shams Free Zone.

    SHAMS approved auditors Dubai become a trusted contact for businesses looking to conduct audits in Shams Free Zone. Known for quality and professionalism, Instant Auditors and Consultants offers a broad range of audit services to meet the unique needs of clients across a wide range of industries. Its team of experienced investigators has in-depth knowledge of regulatory processes and industry best practices, ensuring audit results are accurate and reliable.

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    SHAMS Approved Auditors

    Best SHAMS Approved Auditor in Dubai, UAE

    Auditors who are approved are individuals or companies that have been approved by the controlling authorities of the free zone. Only SHAMS approved auditors UAE can conduct an audit of an established company within the zone of free trade. This is the reason it is crucial to seek the assistance of an auditor who is approved to conduct an audit of the business within Sharjah Media City. If services from an audit company that is not a certified auditor are engaged the audit won't be regarded to be a good idea by the company's management.

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    SHAMS Approved Auditors

    Talk to the Experts

    If you’re searching for Audit businesses in Sharjah for your business within Sharjah Media City, Sharjah Media City you should take some look at the offerings offered by audit.ae. The professionals at audit.ae will analyze your company and serve an appropriate solution and ensure that the solution meets the needs of your company.

    SHAMS Approved Auditors

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Answers to your most common queries, conveniently compiled in one place.

    What is the SHAMS's certification for auditors in Dubai, UAE?

    SHAMS certificate is acknowledgement given to auditors from Dubai, UAE who have completed specialized training and meet certain requirements set by the Sharjah Media City (SHAMS) to assure high-quality and reliable auditing service.

    The accurate way to determine the auditor’s status is by checking if they are SHAMS certified by visiting on the official SHAMS website or calling your office direct. Auditors who have been approved will be wearing an official certificate or badge that indicates their SHAMS certification.

    Hiring a SHAMS certified auditor will warrant that you’re working with a competent person who is able to meet the highest standards for auditing practices within the region. This will bring you confidence in the reliability and accuracy in their reports on audits.

    SHAMS approved auditors in Dubai, UAE are required to renew their certificates regularly, generally every year or every few years to warrant that they’re up to date with the most recent auditing practices and standards.