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Creative City Approved Auditors

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    Creative City Approved Auditors

    Fujairah Creative City Approved Auditors

    Given the proliferation of media and its growing relevance in individuals' lives, it is critical that greater attention be given to media and creative industries. Over the years, UAE government officials have prioritized creating free zones dedicated exclusively to these fields - for this purpose the Fujairah Creative City Free Zone was introduced by Fujairah Media in 2000 as one such solution.

    Fujairah Creative City Free Zone was established in 2007 to serve as an alternative to Dubai Media City and provide creative media services for entrepreneurs and established ones alike. Fujairah's Creative City provides services that provide creative media for creative industries both small and large - its primary target being emerging businesses that cannot afford a presence both in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

    Fujairah Creative City occupies a land area of over 40,000 sq meters used for creative endeavors, providing customers with a friendly working environment while helping develop business. Furthermore, Creative City also offers world-class services and modern infrastructure which benefits clients and increases profitability of their ventures. Fujairah Creative City Approved Auditors UAE are important for the businesses working in this niche.

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    Creative City Approved Auditors

    Fujairah Creative City Free Zone offers Business Activities such as:

    1. Accounting and finance services for security.
    2. Advertising.
    3. Broadcasting.
    4. Business Services Administration.
    5. Event Management.
    6. Information and Communication.
    7. Music and entertainment services provided for media.
    8. Publishing.
    9. Services for video and audio productions.
    10. Technology of Electronic Commerce.
    11. Training and consultation.
    12. Videography and photography.

    Fujairah Creative City provides customized business packages that can be modified to suit the specific needs of businesses, with packages such as:

    1. Fujairah Creative City can offer your company a great opportunity for office space. Rental agreements are executed in this Free Zone Fujairah office and owners may qualify to trade for up to three to five years or up to thirty visas’ (pending immigration approval) before their lease agreement terminates.
    2. The genius package was developed with large and established businesses in mind, providing fifteen visas for employees who require multiple work permits as well as access to a Flexi desk for their workstation.
    3. Baby Businesses were designed with small businesses in mind, providing an easier setup procedure and reduced expenses in terms of overhead costs. Companies choosing a Baby Business package may even qualify for up to six visas.
    4. Freelancer Companies are specifically tailored for freelancers and startup companies just embarking on their journeys. A business that takes advantage of the Freelancer Package at Fujairah Creative City will gain all its benefits as a traditional business based in Fujairah Creative City. This is the easiest company set-up procedure suitable for single owners and offers two visa options.
    5. The package for business licenses is suitable for companies that are planning on having up to thirty shareholders and can last between one and three years.
    6. The license package for people who do not meet visa requirements.
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    Creative City Approved Auditors

    Attracting Advantages to Launching a Business in Creative City Free Zone


    The company was provided with three years’ worth of residency visas.


    Your office space or the flexi-desk


    100 percent foreign ownership


    Creative City Free Zone business plans are tailored to provide maximum capacity and flexibility with minimal costs, providing companies with an ideal platform for growth at an affordable cost.


    Establishing a company does not require possessing an existing UAE residency visa; there is no requirement to live there at the time when applying for its establishment. 

    Creative City Approved Auditors

    Creative City Fujairah Free Zone provides many facilities.

    Creative City's Business License Plans provide entrepreneurs and investors with all the facilities and amenities necessary for them to establish their company in this region. Businesses may hire services like these:

    1. Facilities for mobile desks.
    2. Executive Suites
    3. These facilities provide services such as online assistance, Internet connectivity, signboards and PO boxes as well as a conference room.
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    Creative City Approved Auditors

    What are the steps involved in opening a business at Creative City Fujairah Free Zone?

    1. Creative City management will review your documents and approve your company name prior to sending an initial approval via email with a fee invoice attached.
    2. Certain nationalities must obtain preapproval before starting a business.
    3. Once your license fee has been paid, your license should arrive within a couple of working days.

    The following are documents available for viewing.

    1. Company Trade Permit and Incorporation Certificate
    2. Contract for leasing an office (which may consist of either physical desks or flexible workspace) as desired by the customer.
    3. Each MOA should be signed in the presence of an agent from the client's organization.

    Fujairah Immigration can create your license package that includes visas and an establishment card in as little as seven to ten days following receipt of registration fee; we'll even give you an extra copy for our records while keeping the original in storage.

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    Creative City Approved Auditors

    What can audit.ae offer as Fujairah Creative City approved auditors?

    Fujairah Creative City approved auditors in Dubai plays a vital role and choosing the best Fujairah Creative City approved auditors Dubai is a task for your business. audit.ae is your go-to partner when it comes to approved auditors in Fujairah Creative City Free Zone, offering numerous advantages. With our in-depth knowledge and experience in audit processes, our auditors ensure compliance with regulatory standards as well as provide full financial reviews that increase transparency and credibility of your company. audit.ae has developed its approach to meet the individual requirements of your company, offering customized solutions designed to streamline financial processes while mitigating risks. audit.ae makes auditing processes faster and simpler while providing thorough yet efficient oversight, saving both time and resources while paying close attention to every detail. Partnering with audit.ae provides more than assurance of compliance with regulations; we also offer invaluable insights that will guide decision-making and promote long-term growth for your company in the Fujairah Creative City Free Zone.

    Creative City Approved Auditors

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Answers to your most common queries, conveniently compiled in one place.

    Who can be an approved auditor for Fujairah Creative City?

    Only auditors recognized by the Fujairah Creative City Authority can conduct audits for businesses registered within the jurisdiction. These auditors must meet specific criteria set forth by the authority to ensure competence and adherence to regulatory standards.

    To qualify as an approved auditor, individuals or firms must typically possess relevant professional qualifications such as Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Chartered Accountant (CA), or equivalent. Additionally, they must have prior experience in auditing and must comply with the authority’s guidelines and regulations.

    You can verify the authenticity of an auditor’s approval status by checking the official website of Fujairah Creative City Authority. They maintain a list of approved auditors, ensuring transparency and reliability for businesses seeking audit services within the jurisdiction.

    Hiring an approved auditor ensures compliance with regulatory requirements specific to Fujairah Creative City. These auditors possess the necessary expertise and understanding of local laws and regulations, providing accurate and reliable audit reports essential for business operations and legal compliance within the jurisdiction.