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At audit.ae, we have a roster of talented group of unique individuals who want to be the “Best of the Best.” This has helped ebs achieve the status to become one of the leading and most respected national independent firms offering tax, investment advisory, and valuation services.

About Us

Career Development & Stewardship

At audit.ae we inculcate transparency and opportunities for career development and advancement. We have amazing credentials from some of our employees and clients alike that highlight the significance of comradeship through various development programs offered at audit.ae.

About Us

Life & Culture At audit.ae

Our People – Our Asset – Our Pride. At ebs, we onboard the best! The idea is to build a team of creative and dedicated professionals that are the subject matter specialists with diverse backgrounds and experiences. Diversity at ebs is what we strive for to ensure that each day at ebs results in a new interaction creating an enriched culture of excellence and opportunity to grow professionally. At ebs, everything we offer is unique that sets our culture apart. The way we work as a team is different, the way we interact with clients is different, the way we offer solutions is different. The team converges their efforts resulting in the best customer satisfaction experience there is in the market. This cultural nuance at ebs has none of the restrictions of inter dependencies that allows our teams to approach our clients as their own, advocating on their behalf to ensure that their benefits are ensured from the word go.