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DSO Approved Auditors

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    DSO Approved Auditors

    Registered Auditors in Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO)

    The Free Zone Authority has published the list of DMCC certified auditors UAE that can provide auditing and other related services as part of the free zones initiative.

    The DMCC certified auditors' lists provide firms operating within the DMCC with the most professional auditing services. Certified auditors in DMCC will be chartered accountants, adhere to IFRS (International Standard for Financial Reporting) and are affiliated to international organizations.

    According to the DMCC website, every DMCC member must also provide their financial statements audited to an DMCC certified auditor, a procedure that requires some time to be implemented. A financial statement has to be examined within 90 days of the close of the fiscal year in line with DMCC regulations. In the auditing process at DMCC there are various requirements that must be fulfilled.

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    DSO Approved Auditors

    Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority (DSOA)

    In terms of cutting-edge technologies, electronic development in addition to technology parks DSOA can be described as the United Arab Emirates' most innovative free zone. DSOA is a new free zone within the UAE due to its strategic site in Dubai and its proximity to Dubai International Airport, Port Rashid and Port of Jebel Ali.

    To conduct business in the DSOA the company must first set up and be registered with the DSOA to get a valid license which permits the business to operate within the Dubai Silicon Oasis free zone. After obtaining a license it is crucial that the business chooses the right kind of license to use under. The DSOA offers the following kinds of licenses.

    1. Trade License
    2. Service License
    3. Industrial License
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    DSO Approved Auditors

    Business at DSO

    The world is renowned for its special zone that is free, Dubai Silicon Oasis stands as a thriving technological hub where people can experience the various aspects of living as well as working and enjoying leisure. Nestled in a renowned location it houses modern-day technologically advanced industries and has a well-planned urban area. DSO’s appeal lies in its innovative infrastructure and extensive business solutions in-house, setting it up as a model of technological innovation.

    DSO Approved Auditors

    Office Solutions by DSO

    Enhance your business operations in a refined and purposeful space - DSO's office spaces. The spaces are designed to accommodate the unique needs of your business These spaces are the ideal base for setting up regional offices as well as Research and Development (R&D) centers. The seamless integration of functionality and style encompasses features such as "Plug & Play" office amenities, modern and chic interiors, that range between 10 and 50 square meters. The key features are:

    1. An aesthetically appealing false ceiling raised flooring that is equipped with floor boxes powered by electricity.
    2. Avaya communications system to help in providing enhanced connectivity.
    3. Cutting-edge data center for prime information management.
    4. Internet connectivity that is continuous and high-speed.
    5. Robust UPS system that ensures continuous operation.
    6. The right cable access is strategically placed to assure the ability to connect.
    7. VoIP technology for seamless communications.
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    DSO Approved Auditors

    Warehousing Spacing in DSO

    DSO approved auditors in Dubai is a step beyond traditional solutions and offers a variety of a variety of warehousing and manufacturing facilities that include Light Industrial Units (LIU's). Our industrial and warehousing spaces demonstrate the power of the flexibility and innovation of DSO. Some of the services offered include:

    1. A range of premium Light Industrial Units designed to fulfill the storage and logistics needs of various companies.
    2. Modern equipped offices, warehouses and industrial spaces that cover an expansive 20,000 square meters.
    3. Warehouses for operation, which range between 300 sqm and 500 sqm. They are also paired with offices that are adjacent to the warehouse of 20 square meters.

    DSO approved auditors Dubai is aware that every company requires a unique approach to logistics. With our many warehousing options. They benefit businesses by increasing efficiency, simplify operations and thrive in a space that is specifically designed for various storage needs.

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    DSO Approved Auditors

    What does DSO offer?


    100% individual and company tax


    100% foreign ownership


    Business support and conference facilities


    Clearance of customers without hassle


    Faster employee visa processing


    IT Infrastructure


    Low prices and no duty on customs


    No trade or quotas barriers

    DSO Approved Auditors

    Process of External Audit in DSO

    1. An approved DSO approved auditors UAE scrutinizes financial statements that meet the standards.
    2. This report was based upon the International Reporting Standards (IFRS).
    3. The audit report must be sent by the DSO authority, and the books of accounts need to be completed by now.
    4. The auditors registered with the company should be sure that no business is conducted unless it is pursuant to a trade license.
    5. The Ministry of Finance and Federal tax Authority Rely on audits prepared by auditors to support renewal of trade licenses.
    6. The auditors also examine the compliance with VAT of the company and the management of accounting documents.
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    DSO Approved Auditors

    How audit.ae could benefit?

    Our auditors are experts as best DSO approved auditors. We have created strategies and procedures for an efficient audit procedure. We also provide our clients with the perfect auditing services available in the Dubai Silicon Oasis. We ensure that there is not any error when auditing within the DSO. These are the DSO auditing services that we impart:

    Assuring top-quality audit reports that meet the guidelines.

    Engaging with the management and finding revenue sources.

    Increasing the security of VAT tax filings.

    Simplifying the bookkeeping and financial management of your business.

    Warrant that our services are reliable in the UAE.

    Warrant that the audit service in UAE is completed on time.

    1. Working closely with our clients to learn what they require.
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    DMCC Approved Auditors

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Answers to your most common queries, conveniently compiled in one place.

    What is involved in the process of a DSO Approved Audit?

    The approved auditors start to maintain the records of underlying documents that are mandatory to show or explain the transactions to accurately disclose the financial position of the company. Overall, the auditors try to maintain the whole financial health away from fraud and redundancy.

    The approved auditors in DSO are hired to examine the financial statements prepared in compliance with standards. The auditors also prepared the report to ensure the reliability of financial information in the UAE.

    It is important to have an accounting degree or some relevant degree to become an approved auditor of DSO. People must have relevant experience as well in accounting and auditing to get registered and approved.

    The DSO-approved auditors ensure that the businesses in the free zone are compliant with all applicable regulations and laws. They conduct periodic reviews to shed light on the improved areas.