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HFZA Approved Auditors

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    HFZA Approved Auditors

    HFZA Approved Auditors in Dubai

    Hamriyah Free Zone (HFZA) was incorporated in 1995. It is located in the capital city Sharjah. The Emirate is unique in its coastline that connects it to two gulfs in the Arabian as well as Persian Gulf. It is convenient to Oman and the other six Emirates within the UAE. This creates Hamriyah Free Zone Hamriyah Free Zone one of the main business hubs within the UAE.

    Hamriyah Free Zone hosts industries such as steel, petroleum, petrochemicals and building materials. HFZA is more than 26 million square meters which makes it the second largest industrial zone within the UAE. The HFZA offers a unique opportunity for business for investors from both countries and internationally. If you're planning to establish an enterprise within HFZA We have useful services to offer you.

    audit.ae offer an extensive selection of auditing and accounting solutions. Our team of competent and experienced auditors can prepare the most valuable guidance for your business's growth. The HFZA is an official free zone that offers various tax advantages to investors. Our experts can guide you through the auditing and accounting needs in the Centre and throughout the UAE.

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    HFZA Approved Auditors

    Types of Licenses at HFZA

    It is easy to apply to HFZA to get a company established. Many firms that provide auditing services will help you with the procedure as well. A few of the auditors who are approved in HFZA favor an extensive range of commercial and legislative licenses in addition.

    You may choose to create any of these license types in the HFZA:

    1. Industrial License
    2. Commercial License
    3. Service License

    A commercial license is the most practical choice for medium and small companies.

    It is possible to establish three kinds of legal entities within the HFZA:

    1. An FZE is a no-cost establishment with just one shareholder.
    2. An FZC Free Zone company that has up to five shareholders.
    3. A branch of a multinational or domestic corporation.

    The HFZA offers a wide range of benefits for free zones. A few of the advantages of doing business in the HFZA include:

    1. 100 percent owned by foreign investors in the company.
    2. Zero income tax on corporations and profits.
    3. The hub for industrial production of oil and gas industry companies.
    4. HFZA includes the largest steel-related industry in UAE.
    5. Access to all Emirates within the UAE as well as other GCC countries.

    The Free Zone authorities offer numerous benefits to businesses. However, they also require businesses to ensure the highest standards and adhere to local laws. Auditing is an example of a crucial requirement you must follow adequately to local law.

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    HFZA Approved Auditors

    Approved Auditors in HFZA

    You can seek Auditing assistance from any auditor located in the UAE. The Free Zone authorities, however, have set specific rules for that. Companies that are registered in HFZA must give the financial statements that have been audited from certified auditors in HFZA.

    The Free Zone Authority offers a comprehensive and carefully curated list of certified auditing firms within HFZA. The principal reason for this is to maintain the highest standards of compliance throughout free zones.

    If you are establishing an entirely new company, or establishing a branch of your current business in HFZA You’ll require an experienced partner to bring auditing services. You should partner with at least one authorized auditor within HFZA.

    HFZA Approved Auditors

    Benefits of partnering with approved auditors in the HFZA

    If you work together with one of the accredited auditing firms within HFZA by partnering with one of the approved auditing firms, you add value to the stature of the free zone. It is a crucial obligation to comply with the law. For public companies, releasing the audited report is required by law.

    The UAE government demands significant compliance from all businesses conformity with international law. So, joining one of the trustworthy and certified auditors in HFZA can give you legal protection for your business within the UAE.

    There are many benefits to your company when you partner with certified auditors from HFZA include:

    1. Compliance with tax laws that are enforced in The FTA within the UAE.
    2. Conformity with international standards for financial and accounting reporting.
    3. The compliance with accounting and tax regulations as prescribed in the HFZA.
    4. Enhancing the value of your business through the ethical conduct of business reports for shareholders.
    5. Respecting the tax laws applicable to the ERS tax, VAT and other tax regulations.

    audit.ae will be your most trusted partner in auditing services within DIFC. If you've set up branch offices or franchises in different regions of UAE as well, we are able to work with you to provide well-qualified accounting and auditing services.

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    HFZA Approved Auditors

    What You Need to Provide to the Approved Auditors in HFZA

    The process of auditing focuses on providing an objective perspective regarding your business's conduct. Therefore, auditing companies in HFZA will need all pertinent documents to evaluate your company's financial health.

    A few of the most important documents that auditing firms whose names are approved in HFZA could ask you questions about:

    1. Company financial statements, which include trial balances, PL statements bills as well as balance sheets.
    2. Accounting documents.
    3. Audit reports that have been previously completed, if there are any.
    4. Memorandum of Association for a company.
    5. Registration details for VAT (if applicable).

    The complete list of documents you need will depend upon the scale and nature of your company.

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    HFZA Approved Auditors

    Best HFZA Approved Auditors in Dubai, UAE

    audit.ae are a certified firm for accounting and auditing that operates in Dubai, UAE. We have a team of experts and highly experienced HAFZA approved auditors UAE who focus on providing accurate quality services to our customers throughout the UAE and throughout the Middle East region. With our well-qualified ethics and high standards, we are the top and most experienced auditing firms in Dubai.

    We can provide only the excellent service in auditing from us, with complete confidence.

    HFZA Approved Auditors

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Answers to your most common queries, conveniently compiled in one place.

    Does it have to be a requirement for approved Auditors for HFZA?

    For businesses registered with HFZA (Hamriyah Free Zone Authority) the company have to undergo audits by HFZA certified auditors. In accordance with free zone regulations the majority of companies registered with HFZA should have auditors endorsed by HFZA to produce annually audited reports.

    Every company must maintain books of account, either located at its registered office, or any other office Directors of the company could decide. If the company keeps books in an office other than its registered office, it must inform the account to the RoC. The company may manage the accounts online, too.

    The books should be kept for 5 years after the close of the financial year in question.

    The Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority has set a list of registered businesses. To renew their licenses without fail, external audits must be performed. The next documents to be used when conducting audits are:

    1. Bank statements.
    2. Credit/Debit confirms all transactions in the financial system within the Books of Accounts
    3. All invoices, purchases and sales
    4. Trade License,
    5. Memorandum of Association (MOA),
    6. Articles of Association (AOA)
    7. VAT certification

    audit.ae is an accredited auditor audit.ae is an approved auditor HFZA offers a range of services such as Financial Advisory Services, Tax Consulting Services, VAT Registration, VAT Deregistration, and Internal/External Audit for Companies, Business Advisory Services, etc. in the UAE.

    As an HFZA certified auditor, we can provide our excellent services to participants. Contact us.