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IFZA Approved Auditors

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    IFZA Approved Auditors

    IFZA Approved Auditors in Dubai, UAE

    The International Free Zone Authority (IFZA) was founded in 1972 as an independent international organization to support the development and management of internationally free zones. The IFZA includes more than 100 member nations and its headquarter is located in Geneva, Switzerland. The mission of the IFZA is to benefit its members to complete their goals for economic development through providing the knowledge tools, support, and resources required to create and run effective free zones. The IFZA also offers assistance and training to countries in the developing world who are interested in setting up the foundation of their own free zones.

    International Free Zone Administration (IFZA), IFZA Dubai is an important free zone situated in an area that is one of UAE's most dynamic business centers, offering local and international companies with the best infrastructure, platforms and locations that maximize the advantages of the location with world-class infrastructure and tax- and business-friendly environment. The IFZA has created the guidelines and rules that must be adhered to for audits. Auditors who have been approved by IFZA can benefit to assure that you are in compliance with IFZA laws and guidelines while you concentrate on the day-to-day operation of your business.

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    IFZA Approved Auditors

    Benefits of setting up a business within the International Free Zone Authority (IFZA)

    1. Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority co-branded (DSO )
    2. Provides low-cost business setup packages.
    3. Located in Dubai, it has access to global markets.
    4. There is a diverse range of professional, commercial, and industrial activities available.
    5. Pricing transparency and competitiveness
    6. There is no requirement for paid-up share capital.
    7. Allows for the unique combination of professional, commercial, and industrial applications.
    8. Business operations under one license
    9. Quick and simple company formation
    10. Commercial enterprises with 100 percent ownership100% capital and profit repatriation
    11. 100% exemption from import and export taxes
    12. There is no personal income tax.
    13. Shareholders and employees can obtain residency visas.
    14. Visas for permanent residence are valid for three years.
    15. There is no need for a NOC from the current visa sponsor.
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    International Free Zone Authority provides the following services:






    Apartments for rent




    Retail trade

    IFZA Approved Auditors

    What is the perfect way to choose an auditor in IFZA?

    There are certain steps you must follow prior to selecting an auditor who is approved by IFZA. It is important to determine if an auditor is equipped with the experience and the resources required for conducting an audit within IFZA. Additionally, you must assure that they are informed of the business’ specifications and complies with these requirements. You should request references from various auditors in Dubai before you confirm the authenticity of an auditor.

    IFZA Approved Auditors

    Benefits of employing the services of an IFZA Approved Auditor UAE

    With the certainty that the audit will be conducted by competent and skilled auditors, you will be able to make financial statements quickly and with ease.It will be comforting to be aware that your financial statements will be made alike to IFZA rules. You can make use of the audit report prepared by the IFZA auditors to prove the firm’s financial strength to shareholders and investors.

    IFZA Approved Auditors

    License options available in International Free Zone Authority (IFZA)

    IFZA offers a variety of licensing options and business opportunities that are beneficial to local small businesses as well as large multinational corporations. The different kinds of licenses include:

    Professional Certification

    It is ideal for businesses that offer consulting and other competent services, including lifestyle, legal and many more.

    Commercial Permit

    It is appropriate for businesses that deal with the export, import distribution, storage, and import of particular products.

    Industrial permit

    This license allows the importation of raw materials and also the manufacturing processing, packaging, and export of certain goods.


    Foreign companies may also open an office in IFZA Dubai. The proposed branch’s operations should be consistent with the work for the parent firm.

    IFZA Approved Auditors

    Collaboration with IFZA offers the following benefits:

    1. Access to markets around the world that are unmatched by none.
    2. Simple access to Free Zone's business development as well as administration services
    3. .A multi-national team of experts to help with the business activities.
    4. There isn't any requirement for a paid-up capital. Share capital.
    5. There is no requirement for a no-objection certificate of the visa sponsor.
    6. The process of incorporating the company is swift as well as easy.
    7. Competitive General Trading License is available.
    8. Pricing that is transparent as well as competitive.
    9. The incorporation process doesn't require physical presence by the owners. Business licenses are obtained through the creation of FZCOs or registration of branches.
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    IFZA Approved Auditors

    audit.ae-Best IFZA Approved Auditors in Dubai, UAE

    audit.ae is an experienced and highly reliable auditing firm providing high-quality auditing services throughout Dubai. We have built a solid reputation as an efficient and trustworthy auditing company. The team we have of well-qualified auditors are well-trained and proficient in performing audits for companies, financial institutions, and other companies.

    audit.ae has provided accurate auditing services in IFZA, Dubai for more than 10 years. Our company is recognized by authorities to be IFZA auditors. We are proficient in conducting audits as well as reviews for public and private sector companies. audit.ae also provides consultancy services to benefit companies to increase the efficiency of their finance management.

    We are a fully-functional team of experts with skillful qualifications and expertise in auditing, accounting and business consultancy. audit.ae provides a wide clientele from various industries within the UAE. Why not select audit.ae to be the IFZA auditor in Dubai to get your financials to order swiftly and effectively.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Answers to your most common queries, conveniently compiled in one place.

    What is an IFZA Approved Auditor?

    A IFZA Approved Auditor (Auditor) is a person who is authorized by the International Free Zone Authority (IFZA) to conduct audits on behalf of businesses operating under the IFZA area of jurisdiction.

    Businesses require an IFZA Accredited Auditor to ensure that the financial statements of their clients are accurate and that they are in compliance with applicable policies and favor clear information to all potential buyers and other stakeholders. 

    The duties of an IFZA Accredited Auditor consist of conducting audits, reviewing the financial records, identifying potential risks and recommending guidelines for improvement and releasing audit reports.

    An IFZA Certified Auditor is beneficial to businesses by providing unbiased assurance for their financial statements, increasing confidence and credibility, as well as ensuring the compliance of their clients, and identifying areas to rise overall performance.