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DMCC Approved Auditors

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    DMCC Approved Auditors

    DMCC Approved Auditors in Dubai, UAE

    The DMCC (Dubai Multi Commodities Centre) Free Zone was created at the beginning of 2002 for rising trading flows. It is widely recognized as being one of the perfect free zones in the world and is a well-known global destination for trade. It is a highly regarded location. DMCC provides everything needed to set up a successful business. The dynamism of the team, the world-class administration, and innovative design of DMCC makes it a fantastic choice to establish your company. Every DMCC Freezone business must assure that their audits of the company are completed punctually by an DMCC approved auditor dubai. 

    DMCC Approved Auditors

    DMCC Approved Auditors

    The Free Zone Authority has published the list of DMCC certified auditors UAE that can provide auditing and other related services as part of the free zones initiative.

    The DMCC certified auditors' lists provide firms operating within the DMCC with the most professional auditing services. Certified auditors in DMCC will be chartered accountants, adhere to IFRS (International Standard for Financial Reporting) and are affiliated to international organizations.

    According to the DMCC website, every DMCC member must also provide their financial statements audited to an DMCC certified auditor, a procedure that requires some time to be implemented. A financial statement has to be examined within 90 days of the close of the fiscal year in line with DMCC regulations. In the auditing process at DMCC there are various requirements that must be fulfilled.

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    DMCC Approved Auditors

    DMCC Audit Process

    Officials and companies are obliged to cooperate with auditors in the DMCC Free Zone. As per these guidelines it is not permitted for companies to prepare auditors with false information, misleading information, or deceitful information. Furthermore, it is an offense to the law to make important confidential information or to remove or conceal the documents they have from audits.

    Preparation of Accounts

    Every year, the directors of companies operating within the DMCC Free Zone are required to create financial statements. The financial statements must be in line with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and accurately reflect the profit or losses made by the business in the period.

    An official copy of the audited financial statement and the audited report of the auditor must be provided by the Registrar in 5 business days of the General Meeting. In addition, the Registrar is able to ask for more details, such as an overview report from DMCC. Businesses are required to abide with these obligations and serve all required information to the Registrar quickly and in compliance to DMCC guidelines.

    Maintenance of Accounts

    Every business is required to keep accurate accounting records. These should include additional documents which give suitable details to be able to comprehend and describe the company’s financial transactions. An accurate picture of the financial condition of the business should be kept in these records every day. Maintaining these documents in a timely and efficient manner is crucial for maintaining a trustworthy and accurate view of the financial position of a business at all times.

    Account Copies

    Every shareholder of a company in the DMCC Free Zone are entitled to obtain a copy of its financial statements that have been audited and the audit report. If shareholders want the documents, they can send a letter at the request of the business. These requests must be processed with the benefit of a company in five days. In this way shareholders can gain important financial information related to the performance of the company, which allows them to take well-informed decisions and comprehend the financial health of the business.

    Auditors to be Appointed

    A business can employ an auditing firm to examine the accounts thoroughly and focus on providing an account of the financial statements prepared in accordance with the specific regulations established by the DMCC. Auditors may also be appointed exclusively for reviewing the company’s finances but not on a regular basis.

    DMCC regulations require companies to designate their auditors at their annual general meeting. The auditor has to have a registration with DMCC as an authorized auditor adhering to the guidelines and rules established by the DMCCA which are updated every now and then. DMCC approved guarantees that the company’s books are reviewed by a qualified skillful who meets DMCC guidelines.

    DMCC Approved Auditors

    Auditors' Audit Report

    The financial statements of a company are analyzed based on the audit report. The report must state clearly what financials were created compatible the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). In addition, the report must ensure that the financial statements impart the most accurate and impartial report of the company’s profits or loss for the particular time.

    The audit report must contain information about the types of activities the company is allowed to carry out pursuant to its license. Other pertinent matters or opinions might also be reported in accordance with the DMCC authority.

    DMCC Approved Auditors

    Auditors' Duties and Responsibilities

    The auditor of DMCC is accountable to conduct thorough investigations to determine if the company has kept correct and accurate financial documents.

    Auditors are accountable to warrant that the business follows the guidelines for Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and countering the Financing of Terrorism (CFT) in its daily activities. An accredited DMCC auditor must identify any suspicious activities relating to money laundering when they are found in the audit procedure.

    DMCC Approved Auditors

    Documents Required for a DMCC Audit

    Documents Required for a DMCC Audit

    To operate within the zone of no cost businesses have to comply with specific rules made through the DMCC. To ensure a fair representation of the financial situation of the companies operating in Dubai Multi Commodities Centre, the businesses must offer DMCC auditors authentic and accurate documents. There is no option for them to leave out or conceal any information from auditors who are DMCC-listed.

    1. Confirmation slips and bank statements for deposits or credit card transactions are available through the DMCC portal
    2. Invoices and bills copies
    3. Memorandum of Association (MoA)
    4. Articles of Association (AOA)
    5. Excise VAT and tax Registration Information
    6. An up-to-date license for trade.

    DMCC Approved Auditors

    Benefits of Appointing a DMCC Approved Auditor

    DMCC Approved Auditors assure accurate financial statements as well as compliance with Freezone regulations and guidelines by conducting audits. The mission for DMCC Auditors to benefit businesses to manage risks, enhance internal controls and rise financial reporting with various services. In this manner it is assessed how business processes work risk-related issues are identified and an audit plan is created. The best DMCC Approved Auditors Dubai are also accountable for conducting a risk analysis that identifies the probability and potential impact of risks and also the effectiveness of internal controls in reducing risks.

    Following the conclusion of the risk assessment, DMCC Auditors test the controls and the specifics of financial transactions to assure that the financial statements are correct and trustworthy. The final report of the audit and the financial statement, all problems or omissions found in the audit are highlighted. Alongside identifying weak areas, they offer suggestions to address the issues. This way, companies can pinpoint areas of weakness and improve the internal control systems, thereby lessening the risk of financial misstatements.

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    DMCC Approved Auditors

    Why should you choose audit.ae?

    Audits of business operations are strictly regulated through the DMCC. The list of auditors registered is maintained by the DMCC regularly and they strictly follow the regulations and rules that govern the free zone. audit.ae has made it a point to adhere to international standards for financial reporting as an auditor approved by the DMCC.

    In addition to looking over the financial statements of your company as well as accounting documents, our audit team also reviews all supporting documents. Through the auditing service we offer, you’ll be able to recognize the risk that your business faces due to its activities. Because we are DMCC Certified Auditors, we will benefit your business by increasing its corporate governance procedures.

    These are Audit Services, audit.ae’ offers in the DMCC the Free Zone.


    Internal Audit


    Investigation Audit


    External Audit


    Information System Audit


    Financial Audit 


    Tax Audit


    Due Diligence Audit


    Operational Audit

    DMCC Approved Auditors

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Answers to your most common queries, conveniently compiled in one place.

    What is a DMCC Approved Auditor? And what is their role?

    DMCC Approved auditors are required to provide a report and analysis of whether the firm has maintained the correct records of its accounts. They have to warrant that the company’s financial records conform to the accounting records and returns, and that the firm adheres to IFRS.

    It is crucial for firms to seek out auditing experts approved by the DMCC to conduct the audit. The DMCC has granted permission to a few firms in the UAE and only those certified companies are qualified to carry out the auditing of a company.

    It is vital for the auditor to hold a degree in accounting or a a similar qualifications to obtain an auditor’s license in the UAE. It is essential that the auditor demonstrate the full range of knowledge and expertise in the field of financial auditing.

    The auditors approved by the DMCC are essential to examine the financial condition of the business. They also prepare the financial and accounting reports to present the company in the future to resolve any legal questions. Furthermore, the function of an approved auditor is to provide a thorough control and balance of the financial reports and accounts of the business.